Carolyn Wheeler a dedicated citizen

Dear Editor,

Lest We Forget!  In 2009, Carolyn Edge Wheeler decided it was past time for her to act.  She enlisted a group of five-six concerned individuals who were willing to help her.  They all were afraid that if something was not done, LaFayette would soon become a second Camp Hill.  The historic Square was in a general state of disrepair.  Years of neglect had taken its toll on some of the buildings.  Donations of money and food from other concerned citizens made this work possible.  With cleaning, small repairs, painting and decoration, the Square came back to life.

The group of volunteers thought their work was over.  Carolyn had other ideas.   She was concerned about the condition of our historic City cemetery.  She again asked for donations from  individuals who were interested in saving the resting places of their ancestors.  Work began with major cutting, poisoning, pruning, painting, and general cleaning up around the cemetery.  Some damaged markers and monuments were repaired if possible.  The fence which once was around the Courthouse but is now at the Cemetery has just recently been painted.  All of this was done under the guidance and determination of Carolyn Wheeler.

This woman is possibly the hardest working person in this area.  She works tirelessly for our City without recognition or praise.  She works only because of her love for LaFayette and wanting to keep it clean and livable.  If she isn’t stopped, LaFayette will look good – people will want to move here  – businesses will open again – churches will thrive – and LaFayette will become a great place to live once again.  Would we like all of that to happen?  If so, thank Carolyn for her unselfish commitment to this City.  We should all be this dedicated.

Sara Yancey

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