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Do you need help?

We at The LaFayette Sun are hoping to start a new tradition in the area. The holidays are a time for giving, particularly to the less fortunate, and we want to help out as many area families as possible through our Christmas Wish Program.

In the next few weeks we are asking readers that find themselves or their family in a dire situation to write us and in detail, tell us what you or your family would like to make Christmas a happy occasion.

Despite what many experts say is an improving economy, I believe that improvement has been slow to come by for many folks in this area. Chambers County ranks among the lowest in Alabama as far as per capita or median household income.

These facts simply accentuate the fact that many of us are going to have difficulty providing for our families this Christmas. That’s where this newspaper, with the help of area businesses and more fortunate individuals come in to play.

If you need help we ask that you write a letter to us explaining exactly why. Please do not ask for a new car or cruise vacation. Please be realistic in what you ask for. We will be selective and help only those families that truly need help. You can mail the letter to The LaFayette Sun, P.O. Box 378, LaFayette, AL, 36862. Better yet you can send the letter by email to info@thelafayettesun.com. Deadline for us to receive letters is December 4.

We in turn take the best letters to area businesses, who will provide money and donations to see that your Christmas Wish is fulfilled. We have literally helped hundreds of families in other areas over the year’s Wilcox Newspapers has operated this program. Last year alone we gathered over $10,000 in cash and gifts to help nearly 70 families.

Interestingly enough we had a couple donors provide $1000 in cash to help disadvantaged families. In one instance I was vacuuming our office when I came upon an envelope lying on the floor. I opened the envelope and lo and behold, inside were 10 $100 bills. An anonymous person had simply opened the office door and tossed the money inside without anyone noticing.

Another person sent a check for $1000. Others sent $500. For a closet Scrooge, like myself, I couldn’t believe the generosity of some of the businesspeople and more well-to-do residents in the area. The old adage “we take care of our own,” certainly applies in this area. I have a premonition the same will happen here in Chambers County.

Letters we have received in previous years have motivated us to find an apartment for a homeless couple, purchase a gravestone for a distraught widow, provide a vehicle and gas money for a family to travel 200 miles to meet relatives for Christmas dinner; as well as provide countless articles of clothing, toys by the truckload, and groceries for dozens of families in the area.

It being our inaugural year at The Sun, we have set a modest goal of helping at least 50 families.

Thus if you legitimately need help, and I stress LEGITIMATELY, write us a letter. Who knows our selection committee might pick your letter, and we could be at your doorstep with a carful of gifts and a nice envelope of cash. All you have to do is write or email to the addresses above.

Like Bon Jovi, I’m half way there

Jodie FullerBy Jody Fuller

A few weeks ago, I tallied up the number of states I’ve performed in for pay. That number wound up being 25, so I jokingly said, “Like Bon Jovi, I’m half way there.” In addition, the good Lord knows that I’ve been living on a prayer. Texas was good to me early on.

I’ve performed in several more states but many of them were free shows. When I first decided to run my stuttering pie hole for a living, I’d drive 500 miles to speak for free. The struggle is real but so is the reward.

Recently, I scored a paying gig in New Jersey, which put me over the hump. It wasn’t a full-paying gig, but it was important to me as it was a chance to bring stuttering awareness to the Department of Agriculture as part of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which takes place each October.

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and drove to the airport in Atlanta for a flight to Philadelphia. Once I landed in Philly, I rented a car and drove an hour to Robbinsville, where the event was held. I flew back the same night. In the army, we call this a turn and burn. It was a long day, but I really wanted to sleep in my bed that night, so I made it happen.

The Robbinsville area is a lovely place to be this time of year. The foliage was out of this world gorgeous. They don’t call it the Garden State for nothing, although I didn’t see any corn. Corn would’ve been nice.

I’d been to New Jersey before, but it was way back in 2003. All that I took home with me from that trip was the memory of not being able to pump my own gas. I’d never seen that before. Sure, I remember the days of full-service filling stations, but full-service was an option. In New Jersey, there was no option. Patrons were unauthorized to pump their own gas.

I would see that a year later in Oregon, too. At the time, I thought it was ridiculous, but now, I like it. I get tired of pumping my own gas. There were no additional fees for the gas either. It gave people jobs. It gave them a purpose. That’s a good thing.

Two days after being confirmed for the Department of Agriculture event, I was booked for another gig in New Jersey. There were no ties between the organizations; it just happened like that. That event takes place on November 16 in Cedar Grove. Since then, I’ve been booked for yet another gig in New Jersey in late April. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

I’m over that hump and am working my way to 50, so until then and beyond, like Bon Jovi, I’ll be living on a prayer. By the way, Jon Bon Jovi is from New Jersey.

I just received an email from the Maine Speech Hearing and Language Association. Maybe that’ll be 27.

Jody Fuller is a comic, speaker, writer and soldier with three tours of duty in Iraq. He is also a lifetime stutterer. He can be reached at jody@jodyfuller.com. For more information, please visit www.jodyfuller.com.

Why did Mr. Rogers always wear a sweater

Paul RichardsonBy Paul Richardson

And what does that have to do with Veterans Day? Always remember, freedom is never free. It always comes at a great cost.

Memorial Day in May, is the time to remember those who died in service to their country, while Veteran’s Day, always observed on November 11th, is the time to pause and remember all the others who served but came home.

And each soldier has his or her own story. There are thousands of great personal revelations that the world has never heard

Here is one involving a man every remembers, Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, the kiddy show that aired on PBS for years.

He was gentle and quiet, almost “wimpy,” one of those you would least suspect of being anything but what he portrayed to the youth during his TV career.

His TV trademark was his sweaters, a different one each day. Many of them were handmade by his mother. He was never seen in public without his arms covered.

The reason for that was his tattoos, up and down each arm, front and back. To have seen those numerous tattoos would have revealed his secret. (Well, one of his secrets.)

Fred Rogers was a Navy Seal sniper, combat-proven on the battlefield in Vietnam with more than two dozen confirmed kills.

(That’s right, soft spoken, loveable, mild mannered Fred Rogers, the children’s hero for two decades, was a hit man.)

He was a master in small arms warfare and hand to hand combat, able to disarm or kill in a heartbeat.
After Vietnam, Mr. Rogers became an ordained Presbyterian minister (his second secret) and therefore a pacifist, vowing to never harm another human and also dedicating the rest of his life to trying to help lead children on the right path in life.

He hid away the tattoos and his past life and won our hearts with his quiet wit, gentleness, and charm. This is a perfect example of America’s real heroes not flaunting their accomplishments just quietly going about their day-to-day lives, doing what they do best.

It’s people like Fred Rogers who earned the freedoms that we all enjoy.

This real life example goes to show, heroes can be found in the most unlikely places

Mikes’s Musings – Meat causes cancer, study a bunch of bologna

MikeBy Mike Wilcox, Publisher

We got a lot of cattlemen and ranchers in the area (see our tribute to them and beef in this issue), thus when the news broke a few days ago that red meat was a contributor to cancer, I was saddened. Saddened because, beef has been under attack from many health-conscious organizations the last several years, and saddened because I feel cattlemen and ranchers are getting a raw deal.
I for one, love a good old steak at least once a week. Processed meat, which supposedly offers an even greater potential for cancer is a staple of mine. I love a juicy hamburger and hot dogs, particularly with cheese and chili, get a high five signal from my taste buds a couple of times a month.

Thus I decided to look in to the latest announcement, seen all over the media, this week. Come to find out, if you believe the study, the chances that you may come down with colon, throat or stomach cancer are remote at best. Of course no one talks about that. All we hear is “red meat causes cancer,” and immediately think it is as bad as cigarette smoking.

It is not. For instance if you ate a hot dog each and every day of your life, you have a 17% greater chance of getting colon cancer than someone who didn’t eat processed meats. So what. One study in Great Britain claims 60 out of 1000 people will get colon cancer in their lifetime. They studied 1000 vegans and found 56 out of 1000 came down with cancer. Then they studied 1000 avid bacon and hot dog eaters and found 70 that eventually were treated for colon cancer.

The difference is miniscule. And it is even less if you consider red meat. Yes it is true, if you eat meat you are more likely to get colon cancer, but study after study has shown the risk is negligible at best.

There is no comparison between red meat and tobacco. The risk you will get lung cancer if you smoke most of your life is extremely high- 23 times higher than if you don’t smoke. That number, in my opinion, is scary. Furthermore, 85% of lung cancer is caused by smoking. That’s unbelievable.

Processed and red meat numbers aren’t even comparable. I hate it when the media makes a big deal about a study, when numbers clearly indicate it is not a big deal. There are certainly more important health stories than this, and probably many more causes for cancer that are much greater than red meat.

Don’t expect this meat eater to cut his consumption. Even though I’m getting up there in age, and do worry about my health, my weekly steak, and my breakfast bacon, will continue to play havoc with my colon.

And to all those cattlemen and ranchers in our area, I would like to offer my thanks for a job well done. It’s not an easy profession. Long hours and an up and down market make life sometimes difficult. And then the media comes along and disparages your product. Pay no mind, continue to work hard, and continue to make sure my weekly steak is of the best quality.

Government programs exposed

By Paul Richardson

Paul RichardsonHard working, taxpaying citizens, take note, this is a blueprint o9f how to live in luxury without working. In other words, this is what our government is doing.

(I did tons of time consuming research to compile and confirm these figures.)

This is an example for an unmarried couple, a guy and his girlfriend with two kids.
-Don’t get married to her.
-Always use your mom’s address to get mail.
-The guy buys a house.
-Guy rents out house to his girlfriend who has 2 of his kids.
-Section 8 will pay $900 a month for a 3 bedroom home.
-Girlfriend signs up for Obamacare so guy doesn’t have to pay for family insurance.
-Girlfriend gets to go to college for free being a single mother.
-Girlfriend gets $600 a month for food stamps.
-Girlfriend gets free cell phone.
-Girlfriend gets free utilities.
-Guy moves into home but continues to use mom’s house to get mail.
-Girlfriend claims one kid and guy claims one kid on taxes. Now you each get to claim head of household at $1,800 credit.
-Girlfriend gets disability for being “crazy” or having a “bad back” at $1,800 a month and never has to work again.
-Boyfriend buys a Bass boat and joins the Professional Bass Tour. (Okay, so I made that one up, but it was to make a point.)

An unmarried couple with stay at home mom nets,
-$21,600 disability,
-$10,800 free housing,
-$6,000 free Obamacare,
-$6,000 free food,
-$4,800 free utilities supplement,
-$6,000 Pell grant money to spend without restrictions,
-$12,000 a year in free college tuition,
-$8,800 tax benefit for being a single mother.

And this is just the Federal benefits. None of this includes Medicaid supplements which are issued by individual states.

Any idea why this country is $18 trillion in debt and illegal immigrants are climbing the fences to get here! And some of our Presidential candidates think this is not enough, they want to add more benefits, as well as extending these services to the millions of illegal immigrants living within our borders.

It’s socialism, pure and simple. The next step is outright communism where the government owns everything and controls everything.

It would not be a surprise at all to wake up one morning in the near future to find out that Obama has signed an executive order declaring nationwide martial law, banning all elections, and confiscating all guns that day.

That would in effect, make him a dictator.
Opinions expressed may not necessarily be endorsed by this publication.

Get a jump on Veterans Day

Jodie FullerBy Jody Fuller

For the past two weeks, I’ve been in Korea and Japan entertaining troops and their families with my pals the GIs of comedy. We had the great privilege of entertaining members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. I’ve been doing this military thing since 1992, so I know a good bit about each branch, but sometimes, I ask dumb questions. Yes, dumb questions do exist.
During a meet and greet at Osan Air Base in Korea, the base commander mentioned something about golf.
“Y’all have a golf course here, sir,” I blurted out.

“This is the Air Force, son. Of course, we do,” he replied.
In hindsight, I realize that was like asking a Navy commander if he was adjacent to a body of water. I knew better; I just wasn’t thinking. The Air Force is notorious for having golf courses. I think they have air planes, too.

One of my fellow GIs of Comedy pals is Jose Sarduy. He is a pilot in the Air Force reserves and tells a great joke.

“You Army guys yell HOOAH! Marines yell HOORAH, and in the Air Force, we yell FORE!” he jokes.
They do indeed have the best golf courses, but something tells me the Navy has nice golf courses, too. I’ve never played a round on a naval base, but I have played around on several naval bases, and they have the best lodging. The Air Force is a very close second, but the Navy wins by a bow.
On this trip, we stayed at Chinhae and Sasebo Naval Bases in Korea and Japan, respectively. I didn’t want to leave either place. I think we stayed at 10 different places over the course of 14 days. Now I know how the fugitive felt. Yesterday, I even saw a one-armed man. Really.

Our last stop was at Marine Corps Air Base Iwakuni in Japan. The Marines surprised me with the quality of their lodging, but I was bummed when I didn’t see complimentary amenities in the bathroom. I just figured it was Marines being Marines until I opened the medicine cabinet. It was incredible. I heard angels. It was like opening King Tut’s tomb had he had a medicine cabinet filled with soaps, shampoos, and golden toothbrushes.

I still give the lodging edge to the Navy, but the Marines, no doubt, have the best uniforms. Whether it’s the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform or the dress blues, they just look sharp.
So, in summary, the Air Force has the best golf courses. They Navy has the best lodging. The Marines have the best uniforms, and the Army has the best—the Army has the best comedians, because three of the five GIs of Comedy on this tour were Army veterans. The GIs of Comedy are indeed “Army Strong.”
The truth is that each branch has its pros and cons. I’m proud of every man and woman who makes the choice to raise his or her right hand to serve this nation. It’s great to be able to make them laugh but it’s a true honor to be able to offer a sincere, heartfelt, face to face thank you.

Veterans Day is rapidly approaching, and I encourage you to thank a service member and their family today, because they are serving voluntarily so that there’s no need for you to have to serve involuntarily. Don’t wait until November 11. Do it today. They’ll appreciate it and so will you.

Jody Fuller is a comic, speaker, writer and soldier with three tours of duty in Iraq. He is also a lifetime stutterer. He can be reached at jody@jodyfuller.com. For more information, please visit www.jodyfuller.com.

Mikes’s Musings – Inspiration from a breast cancer patient


By Mike Wilcox, Publisher

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in this week’s LaFayette Sun you will find a two-page spread sponsored by area businesses outlining facts and figures about a cancer that kills more than 40,000 women each year.

Fortunately, I’ve been around very few people who have had a form of cancer and even less whom have fought the dreaded cancer of the breast. It hit home, however a few months ago, when one of our graphic artists, and an employee here for eight years, messaged me and said she might need some time off.

She had no warning, no pain, nothing out of the ordinary. She went to the doctor for a check-up, and there it was- stage two breast cancer. Her medical crew immediately demanded treatment. She has been taking chemotherapy treatments once a week for the last few months and will until the end of the year, at which point every day radiation will start.

That time off she was asking for failed to materialize. She hasn’t missed a day. She says she’s never felt better, and we all marvel at her positive attitude. Because she continues to work each and every day, has busy weekends, and has never got caught up in self pity, she deserves a silver star in my book. She’s certainly an inspiration to me and my co-workers.

That’s not, however, the case for others that have breast cancer. It can be a cruel disease that carries many psychological affects, and can kill you if the disease isn’t found early enough. Most breast cancers are found in women between the age of 50 and 74. Each year 200,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer, with about 20% of cases being fatal.

Symptoms can be numerous, or like in the case of our graphic artist, nothing at all. Symptoms can include a change or shape in the breast, pain in any area of the breast, nipple discharge, and a new lump in the breast or underarm.

Believe it or not, many women who get breast cancer have no known risk factors and no history of the disease in their families. However, it is also true, that the disease is somewhat hereditary. If a mother, daughter, grandmother has had breast cancer, it doubles the risk to you. It has been established one out of eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. It is the second most common form of cancer in females- skin cancer being the first.

Certain lifestyle choices can make you, or not make you, susceptible to breast cancer. For instance, women who have not conceived children, or gave birth to a child after age 30, are more likely to have breast cancer. Women who use birth control pills have a slightly greater risk, than those who don’t.

Alcohol is known to increase the chances you will get breast cancer. The more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are to get breast cancer. The same can be said for those who are overweight, particularly in the stomach area. Smoking was thought not to by symptomatic of breast cancer, but studies lately have shown long term smokers to have a greater risk than those who don’t smoke.
On the flip side, physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer. By simply walking 1.2 to 2 hours a week, your risk is reduced by 20 percent. Walk more and the risk goes down further. Proper diet and vitamin studies have proven to be inconclusive, but exercise, now there’s the ticket. The more physical activity you take on, the greater the reduction in risk.

No matter how healthy we think we are, if we are female and approaching the age of 50, it is time to get a screening mammogram every couple of years. Early detection of breast cancer usually means you can live a long and prosperous life.

My co-worker has shown by example, breast cancer is a disease and nothing more. Her positive attitude and inspiration has allowed her to conquer the mental challenges the disease and its treatment throws at her. It has also made others realize, no matter what life piles on you, through a strong mental attitude you will prevail.

I for one, appreciate the inspiration you have given me, Sherry.

Fascinating facts

Paul RichardsonPaul Richardson

If this doesn’t open your eyes, nothing will. I am quoting here from a recent article in the L.A. Times. This is about L.A. County only, one county in one state in the entire nation!
-40% of all workers in L.A. County (L.A. County has 10.2 million people) are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.

-95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
-29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.
-75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.
-Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

-Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.
-Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.
-The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.

-Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.
-In L.A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.

Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States annual population growth (and over 90% of California, Florida, and New York) results from immigration.

We are fools for letting this continue.
California’s Nancy Pelosi wants a Windfall Tax on Retirement Income, money from the honest, working class. In other words tax what you have made by investing toward your retirement. This woman is a nut case!

A Windfall Tax on Retirement Income is simply another way of saying to the American people, you’re so ignorant that we’re going to keep doing this until we drain every cent from you.

And she doesn’t stop there. She also wants a windfall tax on all stock market profits (including Retirement fund, 401K and Mutual Funds!

Alas, it is true — all to help the 12 Million Illegal Immigrants and other unemployed minorities that wants to give the vote too so they can keep her in office.
(Statistics are from the L.A. Times. Any opinions expressed are the Authors and may not necessarily be endorsed by this publication.)

Inside The Statehouse

By Steve Flowers

Steve Flowers

Steve Flowers

There have been monumental budget battles in Washington and Montgomery this year. The big difference is that the State of Alabama has a constitutional requirement that we have a balanced budget. We cannot spend more than we can take in. Unfortunately, the United States does not have the same constitutional provision. To his credit, our Senior U.S. Senator Richard Shelby has proposed just such a measure in every session of his 29 years in the Senate.

Our national debt is the biggest problem facing our country. It weakens us in every aspect of national power, prestige, prosperity and security. Barack Obama has never really cared about this national crisis. This socialist Democratic philosophy has been the downfall of several European and third world countries, as well as early Rome.

Obama’s prescription of higher taxes on upper income workers and earners and increased benefits for non-workers and illegal immigrants has been thwarted by the Republican capture of the U.S. Senate last year. With the Republicans in control of both the House and Senate, Obama and his socialist liberal Robin Hood concept of government with no regard to the federal deficit has been held in check. Obama has become irrelevant in the budget process.

Senator Shelby has moved into an elite circle of power in Washington. Our Senior Senator is one of the five most powerful members of the Senate. As he approaches 30 years in the Senate, Shelby is one of the leaders in seniority and thus power. He currently chairs the Senate Banking Committee. His committee affects every aspect of the U.S. economy. However, he probably will move to chair the even more powerful Appropriations Committee next year. If you think he has been helpful to Alabama in the past, then you have not seen anything yet.

Shelby is an Alabama treasure. At 80 years old, he is in excellent health and looks about 10 years younger than his chronological age. Fortunately for the state, he plans to run for reelection in 2016. Shelby will be a prohibitive favorite to be reelected to a sixth six-year term. Therefore, the bigger question is what happens nationally and can the Republicans keep control of the Senate after the 2016 elections.

Of the 34 Senators up for reelection in 2016, 24 are Republicans and 10 are Democrats. These numbers put pressure on Republicans to retain control of the upper chamber. It will also be a problem for Republican retention if Hillary Clinton routs the GOP candidate for president. This could very well happen if the Republicans nominate someone from the right-wing.

The 10 Democrats up for election are from solidly blue liberal Democratic states. Therefore, the incumbent or another Democrat will likely win. On the other hand, several of the Republicans are running in states that have voted repeatedly for Democratic presidential candidates.

The list of Republican Senators from swing or blue states is lengthy. Included on the list are Sen. Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio), Sen. Pat Toomy (Pennsylvania), Sen. Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire), and Sen. Mark Kirk (Illinois). Besides Senator Shelby here in Alabama, there are three southern Senators who should be safer than their six colleagues mentioned above. That list includes Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. Paul and Rubio are running for President. However, another Republican would probably take their place.

Another problem awaiting the GOP’s retention of seats in blue or swing states is that historically there is an increased voter turnout in presidential years, which tends to favor Democrats.

On a positive note for Republicans is the presence of the deep-pocketed GOP benefactors the Koch Brothers. Top officials in the Koch Brothers political organization have a staggering $900 million budget to fund the billionaires’ involvement on behalf of right leaning GOP candidates in 2016.

Charles and David Koch’s political involvement is monumental. It is obvious that the Koch Brothers intend to continue building an operation that rivals or exceeds the national parties in size. They are dedicated to advancing their libertarian principles.

See you next week.

Steve Flowers is Alabama’s leading political columnist. His weekly column appears in over 60 Alabama newspapers. He served 16 years in the state legislature. Steve may be reached at www.steveflowers.us.

Mikes’s Musings: There’s bad hunters, then there’s me

MikeBy Mike Wilcox, Publisher

I’m kinda getting stoked as bow season approaches, about hunting this year. Maybe it’s the herd of deer I see every morning as I’m driving to work, or maybe it’s because I’m in a new state where wind and cold won’t affect my deer hunting enjoyment.
More likely, it’s about the yet unnamed guy in Greenwood Township, very close to where I lived in Michigan, who while hunting for porcupine, claims to have been attacked by a black bear while sitting in a tree.

The Michigan DNR checked out his wounds, and said they were consistent with what a bear would cause. He said he fought off the bear by stabbing the bear with his hunting knife. His gun might have been a more appropriate weapon, but hey, it worked. He escaped with only minor injuries.

This kind of story, believable or not, and I pretty much think it to be the latter, gets me fired up for hunting season. I know my opportunity to put down a black bear is very unlikely in Alabama, but hey there are plenty of deer, and if I want to go exotic, I can always go south, and do a little gator hunting.

I’ve never hunted for black bear, nor have I been on an alligator hunt. Heck I only once hunted for whitetail deer. That was when I was 16. I remembered it being so cold, I thought I had frostbite. No way I could have pulled a trigger with my hands so numb. It didn’t matter anyways. I was out in the woods for three days and never spotted a deer. Yet on the way home, I remember distinctly, seeing several shootable deer on the side of the road.

Just a few years ago I had finally gotten over the fear of frostbite when I was asked by a group of businessmen to join them on a pheasant hunt. I hadn’t shot a rifle in years, but one of the guys offered me a rifle with the proper ammunition and away we went. We followed our trained dog, with his guide ( oops I think it’s the other way around) looking to bag us a few pheasants.

I soon learned shooting in the air at a small bird flying away from you is a whole lot more difficult than shooting a bear 100 feet away. I had ample chances to shoot down my first bird, but my aim just wasn’t up to par.

A better opportunity came when I was walking back to our truck. There within three feet of me was a pheasant rustling in the weeds. Man was I excited. Finally I had my pheasant. I aimed, I shot, and whoosh the pheasant took flight. Shoot I was closer to shooting off my foot, than hitting that pheasant.

I’m all about the right to bare arms, but I’m one dude that shouldn’t be allowed a gun. To this day I keep thinking about the one that got away. On second thought maybe I will postpone that hunting trip. Fishing sounds a whole lot safer to this guy.

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