Chambers hosting Peewee Bowl this Saturday

The second annual Chambers Academy Peewee Bowl will take place this Saturday, September 13 starting at 9 am CST here in LaFayette.

The event will feature five teams, Chambers, Glenwood, Lee Scott, Lowndes and Abbeville, playing in six games over the course of the day. The sixth game will be the championship game at 1 pm.

The first game will be between Chambers and Glenwood at 9 am. At 10:15, Lee Scott will face Lowndes and Chambers will face Abbeville. The 11:30 games will feature Glenwood against Lee Scott and Lowndes against Abbeville.

The championship game will be between the two teams with the best records. Any ties will be broken by head to head records, and then by the team with the greatest points differential if necessary.

Each game will be played on a 50 yard field, with the exception of the championship game, which will be played on a full field. The games will include six-minute quarters with an eight-minute halftime.

There are several other rules in place for the event. Teams will start their opening drive on the 40 yard line, and if a team chooses to punt, the ball will be placed at the 40 yard line. Should a team turn the ball over on downs, then the field will be flipped and the appropriate yardage will be marked off to account for the change.

With each offensive possession heading toward the goal line, any interception or fumble may be returned to the 50 yard line for a touchdown.

All games will take place at Chambers Academy on Tolbert Field.

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