Commission names Blanks as chair

By Alton Mitchell

On Monday November 2nd big changes took place under the dome at Courthouse Square in LaFayette. The biggest of those changes would be changes in the chairman and the vice chairman over the Chambers County Commission. The commission’s new appointments came from in-house so business should remain functioning as usual.

The first of the new promotions came in the position of Chairman of the Commissioner. That position had previously been held by Mr. David Eastridge who was also over District 5 of Chambers County. Mr. Eastridge’s position as chairman was voted to be filled by Mr. Joe L. Blanks.

Mr. Joe L. Blanks is also a current member of the County Commission he had previously served as the Co-Chairman of the Chambers County Commission and also represented the area of District 3 in the county. Commissioner Blanks was not the only member of the Commission to move to a higher position.

The position left vacant by the promotion of Joe Blanks had to be filled also. Commissioners voted to place District 6 Commission representative Debbie Wood in the position of Co-Chairperson of the Chambers County Commission. Commissioner Debbie Wood has been a very active and diligent member of the Commission.

The new appointments of Joe L. Blanks and Debbie Wood promise to keep Chambers County moving forward as was demonstrated at the commission meeting in which their new positions were announced. One of the biggest things is the upcoming Rotary Club Christmas festival set for December 5th on the Courthouse Square in LaFayette. At that meeting the County Commission agreed to allow patrons at that event to use the restroom facilities inside the courthouse.

The Chambers County Commission is made up of six districts and those districts are as follows District 1 Charlie Williams, District 2 James (Jimbo) Brown, District 3 and Chairman Joe L. Blanks, District 4 Henry Osborne, District 5 David Eastridge, and District 6 Co-Chairperson Debbie Wood. These Commissioners meet on a bi-weekly basis at the Chambers County Courthouse in downtown LaFayette every other Monday at 4:00 p.m. Central Time. The Commissions next meeting date is set for November 16th.

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