Council frustrated with potholes

Pothole 1By Alton Mitchell

The Monday night LaFayette Mayor-City Council meeting took an off agenda turn as members of the Council expressed frustration with a local nuisance that continues to reoccur on a regular basis. This nuisance relates to something that creates a hazard as well as an eyesore to the beauty of LaFayette, during a time when the city government is making such strong efforts to beautify the community and its image.

Mike Ellis Councilman

Mike Ellis

As Councilman Michael Ellis put it before the council and the audience, “The pothole is back.” The tone in the Councilman’s voice as he made the statement only partially demonstrated the frustration that was set to come forth in the room. Other members of council would also offer input into a reoccurring pothole that is an ongoing problem along 2nd Avenue S.W.

City officials discussed the pothole on the popular LaFayette street and its origins that are believed to be the result of a water main break that occurred during a construction project by Alagasco at the hill located above the pothole site. Following the water main break speculation is that water is seeping through an area near the pothole site causing the pothole to come back even after crews have went out and filled the problem spot.

Members of the Council were very familiar with problem and that it has been repaired in the past. It even came down as a recommendation at Monday’s meeting that it may be nearing the point of using a professional agency for the paving job to hopefully keep it from becoming a topic of discussion once again before council.

The Council also discussed the issue of seeking to see if Alagasco would pay for the repair costs for the pothole. It was noted that Alagasco has not been negligent in its responsibility and has covered the bill for some past repairs in the area mostly in relation to the initial damage that occurred at the water main break.

Representatives of the city of LaFayette assured the city council that the pothole would be taken care of once again and that Second Avenue Southwest will be a site of smooth drives very soon once more.

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