In response to an article published September 25th

Dear Editor,

A Response to Bill Frazier’s “Court House Circus” article printed in The LaFayette Sun’s September 25, 2013 edition:

Really Bill?  Look, I know you’re rivaling Methuselah in the old age department, and my youthful age of 61 hardly qualifies me to compete in the same arena as you, but I think I still grasp the concept of sitting in the proverbial rocking chair; trusted BB-gun draped across lap, yelling at the neighbor’s kids, “GET OFF MY LAWN!”  With that said, I’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around what you were trying to accomplish with your article.  Were you trying to be funny?

Ringling Brothers Circus needs to move to LaFayette because we have more clowns than they do in their winter home?  A local business couldn’t find a part they ordered for you so the employees and the owner as well, are all clowns?  (Nothing like inspiring folks with praise there, Bill):  On closer inspection, the ladder erected on the Courthouse dome is clasped with bailing wire, and anyone climbing it would be performing a high wire act?  (Uh, that would be 10,000 lb test rope cinching the ladder firmly to the structure at six points, Bill.  If you are going to libel my rigging, at least actually inspect it.) Another circus act, according to you, is the 100 year old wooden ladder in the dome that apparently came close to solving your constipation problem. By the way, that time tested ladder easily supported my 230lb son time and again without swaying or sagging. But since you have focused the hawk eye of Bill on it, I guess the county could install a couple of stiff legs under it about halfway up to quell the nerves of people such as yourself, that don’t belong on it in the first place.

Unstoppable, you go on to compare us to Mayberry, guessing we need Gomer Pyle to tell us how to fix a courthouse door, then cap your tirade off by making fun of the District Attorney’s multi-tasking the use of what most likely were retired law books as doorstops.

What I really find strange is that after near non-stop criticism you conclude your article by saying, “Every citizen of Chambers County should be proud of their courthouse. The architecture and quality of construction of this structure is incredible. The quality and beauty of the wood work is unsurpassed. The stained glass located at the dome of the rotunda is beautiful.  As most people do, I never thought about the beauty of this structure until I got interested in its architecture.”

So can I assume that the “take home” on all of this is that it is a beautiful building surrounded and maintained by clowns and idiots?  Good job, Bill. Oh and one last thing, as much money as you have made off of my family and all the other “clowns” here in town, what’s up with you getting free meals at the Pore [sic] Folks Dining Hall?  Sounds like something Goober might try and pull off in Mayberry!   Just saying…

Here to Stay,

(and lovin’ it)

Chuck Blanton

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