Lanett selects McCoy as mayor

By Alton Mitchell

As one chapter in the history books of the city of Lanett closed a new one opened. Mayor Oscar Crawley passed away on October 6th, 2015 at his home in Lanett. He had served as the city’s mayor for 11 years since his election in 2004. He is best remembered as being the first elected African American mayor of the prosperous Chambers County City. Stepping out of the shadows Kyle McCoy has been brought to the light as the city’s new mayor.

Kyle McCoy is no stranger to the political atmosphere of the city of Lanett. McCoy has served as a city councilman in Lanett covering the city’s area of District 3. McCoy was elected by the members of the Lanett City Council and was sworn in late October.

The new appointment of Kyle McCoy has left his District 3 seat vacant on the City Council. The members of the City Council are now tasked with finding a replacement for the seat within the next 60 days. State law sets a requirement that the council is responsible for filling the void in its ranks.

The appointment of Mayor McCoy is effective immediately and he has already began assuming leadership roles in the city. The city operates on a Mayor-Council style of governing structure much as the city of LaFayette does. The replacement of the District 3 vacancy becomes extremely important to in order to maintain balance and even representation in the city of nearly 7,000 citizens.

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