Letter to the Editor

I want to ask this simple question….why doesn’t LaFayette have an Animal Control Officer?? The City of Lanett does and she is awesome! I recently heard some disturbing news on the way animals are overlooked in this town! There are pit bull puppies on chains with locks around their necks that are bigger than they are, and I was told of one that died on his or her chain because of a rain storm and drowned. The so called “Dog Catcher” will just pick up strays that are called in and leave them in the dog box on his truck for a day or two or even longer before he decides to take them to the Humane Society, if he even takes them there!! Where is the compassion City of LaFayette, council members, mayor, these animals are being abused and starved in your town! This is a sad situation and needs immediate attention!! Animals have rights too and there is no one in this town to look after the welfare of these animals!!

Name withheld upon request

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