Local Attorney Bill Harris running for District Attorney

By Alton Mitchell

Bill Harris runs a law practice out of the Valley area in Chambers County and recently he has announced his bid for candidacy in the District Attorney’s race for the Fifth Judicial Circuit. The Fifth Judicial Circuit is made up of a regional area that includes Chambers, Macon, Tallapoosa, and Randolph Counties. Mr. Harris has announced his candidacy for the Republican primary to be held on March 1st, of 2016.
In his announcement of intention to seek candidacy Mr. Harris cited his actions in seeking the position as being one that relates to getting out and speaking with local citizens within the fifth judicial circuit over the past year and learning about their needs and desires in an District Attorney. He also cited his lifelong career in law enforcement including 25 years as a police officer and ten years of practicing law as giving him a sound foundation for the position.

Harris also outlined his plans on improving the District Attorney’s office to include focus points including; efficiency, accessibility, reviewing cold cases within the county, professionalism, and the removal of politics from within the District Attorney’s office.

Social media has been a driving force for Mr. Harris’ pre-campaign efforts. A growing area of support is being shown on local social media groups that highlight Mr. Harris’ reputation as one of integrity, a good guy, honest person, and well known local man with a stern reputation in his home community.

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