October all about Breast Cancer Awareness

By Alton Mitchell

The month of October has arrived again and with this months arrival comes a lot of things to look forward to in the area. These anticipated occurrences will include of course everyones favorite Halloween as little ghouls and goblins will embrace the hours of dusk as they roam the streets as scavengers of candy and goodies. Also the change to the Fall season will become more apparent as temperatures will continue to decline and the colors of a southern autumn will begin to decorate the landscape. However a different color is also significant to the month of October and that is pink. Pink is used a way to bring awareness to breast cancer and October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month in Chambers County and the rest of the nation. Several upcoming events will help to bring awareness to this deadly disease in the local area.

On October 16th, East Alabama Medical Center and the Chambers County Development Authority are hosting a Lunch and Learn, to honor breast cancers survivors and remember those whom have lost the battle to the disease. The event is being held at the Chambers County Bradshaw Library at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time. Special honored guests will be onsite including Dr. Kim Owens, a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. Also Jennie Smith, whom is a proud survivor and Ashlee Baggett, Community Manager of the American Cancer Society. In order to attend reservations are required and more information can be obtained by calling (334)642-1408 or (334)756-1402.

Awareness in numbers is the goal of an event to be held on October 25th as local residents will pour out in a Breast Cancer Unity Walk at the John D. Hoggs Pavilion Park in West Point. This is setup to be community walk to honor those in pink. All in attendance are asked to wear pink as walkers will walk from John D. Hoggs Park to the T-mobile store in Lanett and Back to the park to raise awareness and show support and honor to those whom battle breast cancer. The walk begins at 3 p.m. eastern time more information can be obtained by calling Audrey B at (706)518-3696 or Narfunda R. at (706)585-5810.

Several other events will be occurring in the area throughout the month to raise awareness to breast cancer. Just as the local community came out last month and painted the town teal with Teal Magnolia’s and their quest for Ovarian cancer awareness, breast cancer awareness is just as important this month. Let the pink that will embrace the local community be a reminder to get loved ones as well as yourself tested, as is the case with any disease early detection is the best medicine for saving lives

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