Pow Wow festival here Oct. 17-18

Pow WowBy Alton Mitchell
As the heat of summer has taken a break and given way to cooler Fall temperatures, those mild temperatures have also ushered in a host of outdoor festivities including Fall Festivals. One of the most popular ones in the local region will be held in LaFayette on October 17th and 18th. On Monday night the LaFayette City Council was able to get an update on the project from Barbara Andrews, the Executive Director of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Council members listened anxiously as Barbara Andrews outlined the exciting events that will grace the Chambers County Agricultural Center in the coming weeks. The two day event that is being held for only the second time in the Chambers County community will be packed with fun and educational opportunities at the same time. Mrs. Andrews summarized the events to include food, demonstrations, and so much more.

Prior to coming to the Chambers County area the Native American Heritage Festival and Pow Wow was held in Hamilton, Georgia in Harris County. However about 3 years ago interest and turnout in the event seemed to be dwindling and the event was cancelled. However despite the low turnout there was still an interest in holding the heritage event. Prior organizers reached out to the Chamber and was able to get the festival relocated to Chambers County for its inaugural year last year. The popularity was there to allow for the festival to grow in popularity and that has led to a much larger festival to be held this year.

Barbara Andrews explained to the Council exactly how much larger this year’s event will be thanks to a mass marketing campaign that is taking place to grow interest in the festival. This year there will be radio advertising, as well as media advertising to boost awareness in the event. Mrs. Andrews also expressed the importance of the educational attribute the festival brings and was happy to inform the City Council that last year only schools from Chambers County Schools were able to send students to the festival this year that number has increased tremendously as the festival will host 1100 students from around the region including students from Chambers, Lee, Randolph, and Tallapoosa Counties. Those students will be able to attend the festival on the opening day of Friday from 8 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Andrews noted to the Council that the cost of hosting the event was a little on the expensive side, but she also notes that it despite the cost it will be a beneficial event in the long run. While not only paying off in the educational enrichment of youth and attendees the event will allow Chambers County to showcase what it has to offer and be able to showcase the Chambers County Agricultural Center. More information on the event can be found on the Chamber of Commerce’s website.

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