There’s been a Corey Boston sighting

Donnell Suggs
Sports Editor

The best eighth grade quarterback in the state of Alabama stood on the LaFayette Bulldogs sidelines at Beulah High School in Valley, Alabama this past Friday holding signal cards and a clipboard. After all that is what varsity backup quarterbacks do. With less than seven minutes to play in what would ultimately be a 30 point Bulldog victory LaFayette head coach and Athletic Director James Lucas decided to put in a few reserves, one of which was Corey Boston, the 5’3” 130 lb quarterback of the future.

The opportunity for Boston to take a few snaps under center has been few and far between this season with LaFayette holding, losing and regaining leads throughout the season. Friday’s game at Beulah quickly became a great chance for James to put the middle schooler in a competitive but game not close game. “It was the first game [this season] we had a chance to play the backups,” said Lucas. “He had a chance to get some reps.”

Though Boston and the Bulldog offense quickly went three and out there were many good things to take from his brief varsity season debut according to Lucas. “He’s not scared,” says Lucas about the Youtube sensation, Boston has a number of videos on the site including junior high school basketball packages that will strengthen the argument that he’s an even better basketball prospect than a football one. There’s no rule that states he can’t be successful in both, I clearly remember a certain Lebron James being a heck of a wide receiver prospect as a junior in high school at St. Vincent-St. Mary in Akron, Ohio. “He’s very confident in his abilities but he’s still in the learning stages,” said Lucas.

Boston didn’t get to throw an actual pass, his three downs of play only mustered about three yards of offense from hand offs to Bulldog half backs but the poise was very evident when you watched him call out cadence behind center. With another season of clipboard duty ahead-current junior quarterback JaTarvious Whitlow is looking more and more like the Class 2A Region 2 player of the year this season-his coach thinks there will be plenty more opportunities for the kid (and I mean that literally, he looks like a kid, smiles like a kid and sounds like a kid, well because he is one) to demonstrate his abilities on the big stage. “Corey’s going to be special,” says Lucas. “He’ll be way ahead of the competition when his time comes to be the starting quarterback.” Boston is not expected to see much if not any time this Thursday against Saks, the 4A, Region 6 Wildcats will be making their way into Bulldog Stadium for LaFayette’s Senior Night festivities. There’s no doubt Boston will be ready to signal in plays via the offensive coordinator, clipboard in hand.

Kind of like those people who say they saw Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, I saw the future of LaFayette High School football last Friday and he looks like a kid, smiles like a kid and sounds like a kid. A kid who will one day be king, and you had to be there to see it to believe it.

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